Fresh Start Credit Card

Fresh Start Credit Cards allow members that don’t qualify for a credit card account under our standard programs the ability to have a credit card, but one that is secured by a deposit at the credit union. Members can use the credit cards for purchases, reservations, car rentals and everything else a traditional card can be used for while at the same time building credit!

Fresh Start Checking

A Fresh Start Checking Account from Laramie Plains Federal Credit Union allows members worldwide access to their money with a VISA® debit card and no minimum balance requirements.  This account is exclusively designed for members with past account closures that other institutions refuse to open an accounts for.

Fresh Start Personal Loan with Savings Feature

A Fresh Start Loan from Laramie Plains Federal Credit Union allows members to establish or rebuild credit and save money at the same time.  The unique savings feature makes sure members improve their credit while gaining financial freedom. Loan amounts up to $1,000.00 for maximum term of 12 months.

Fresh Start Auto Loan

A Fresh Start Auto Loan offers members with no credit or with past credit challenges the opportunity to obtain financing at competitive rates. Through the installation of a GPS Device with Automated Collection Technology, members can get into their dream car with minimal or no down payment and have the opportunity to establish or rebuild their credit.

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